Solidwool x Blok Knives

The antithesis of factory-made blades, Ben Edmonds makes kitchen knives by hand from his workshop in Derbyshire.

A master craftsman, each knife is expertly hand crafted and takes around a day to make. Beautifully finished and perfectly balanced, the knives are a testament to the time and skill that goes into producing them.

For Ben less is more. He focuses on only two designs, a 20cm chef’s knife and a 10cm paring knife.

All blades are made from carbon steel and handles are made out of wood.

Ben came to us to ask if he could experiment with using Solidwool, instead of wood, for the knife’s handle.

It was a very easy 'yes' from us.

The result is beautiful. A limited ‘woollen handle' edition knife with a 10'' blade. Perfect for general purpose chopping and carving.

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