The Wool List

It's widely known that wool is a pretty amazing natural material. Science is yet to produce a fibre which matches its unique properties.

Working with wool, we've come to hear of other people doing great things with wool. So we thought we'd make a list of some of our favourites.

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Established by Adam Atkinson in 2007 the company began with a simple idea to make bags using the discarded wool of the ancient Herdwick breed.

Cherchbi has evolved into a leather goods and accessories brand. They've developed a unique Herdwyck Tweed™ made using Herdwick wool.

Their product is currently on display in the windows of Selfridges for their Bright New Things campaign.


Like twine, but made from wool instead of jute. But that was just the starting point. Kim Stead always intended to weave the string she had developed into a wool fabric. She has succeeded and her 100% wool bags are a better alternative to jute or plastic. Made from Dartmoor Whiteface wool, they are now available as a reusable shopping bag in Waitrose.

McNair Shirts

The best merino shirt in the world. Made in Yorkshire.

Taking inspiration from the Dachstein gloves that have been around for ever. Made from felted wool, the gloves stay warm, keep the wind and snow at bay and are as good ten years on as day one. They wondered if they could make a wool shirt that could pull off the same trick. It turns out they could.

Bowmont / Finisterre

Lesley breeds a flock of Bowmont sheep, producing super-fine merino wool. British surf brand Finisterre have worked with Lesley to create a UK fine fibre supply chain which they can develop quality wool clothing and accessories from. /


Woolcool have developed a range of wool insulated packaging using felt liners for boxes which transport food or vaccines. 

In 2013, the EU introduced standards to ensure vaccine boxes maintain an optimal temperature for 72 hours. Woolcool insulated boxes achieve 150 hours in a pack half the size of the competition. It's recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.


Woolly Shepherd

Woolly Shepherd make woollen sound absorbers, such as the cloud-shaped "acoustic cloud". Their products reduce background noise and make it easier to hear in a loud environment.

HD Wool

Suppliers of wool insulation for the outdoor apparel industry. HD Wool helps to maintain your own microclimate by conditioning the surrounding atmosphere and attracting then holding water, rather than air. The fibres absorb water vapour and release it into the dry air. This 'buffering' capability helps to maintain a higher level of comfort than would otherwise be possible.


The UK's first British sheep's wool insulation, they offer a natural and sustainable option for insulating traditional and modern constructed buildings.

Wool Compost

Offering a real alternative to peat, this compost is made from bracken and sheep’s wool. This wool has a high level of nitrogen that works as a slow release fertiliser and has good water retention. You can use it to grow flowers, fruit, vegetables and trees.

Donna Wilson

The woolly wonderland of Donna Wilson is a place where pattern and colour collide and the imagination is free to run wild. From cushions and creatures to sofas and sweaters, Donna's designs are made with the softest yarns and most vibrant of colours.

Wool and the gang

Making knitting cool. The Founders of Wool and the Gang believe that fashion should be made unique, with love. No mass produced clothing, just quality fashion produced in a sustainable way.

This means bringing back knitting as a viable means of production. Products made by you or made by the gang. They are powered by their community of makers around the world.

Melin Tregwynt

Beautiful welsh woollen blankets, woven in Wales in a mill owned by the same family since 1912.



Mahabis are on a quest to create simple products that help you to relax. Their first product is a wool slipper with a difference.

Devon Duvets

The original British wool duvet. Handcrafted in Devon.

Anyone you think we are missing? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.