Solidwool Wax Comb



6mm Solidwool sheet. Laser cut to shape. Logo's are laser engraved with an enamel paint inlay.

Linished angled wax removal edge.

Twool string lanyard.

Solidwool + Finisterre

The pursuit of cold water surfing is why Finisterre exist, it’s why they open their workshop doors every morning and set about making the best possible product to keep you out there chasing for longer.

It started with a waterproof fleece made in Devon, designed specifically for cold water surfers. From this first product over 12 years ago to a diverse range that now includes Merino backed denim jeans, jackets that can go the distance on the coldest of days, a penknife made in collaboration with a 300 year old Sheffield steel maker, unique Bowmont knitwear and a wetsuit built for surfers on cold shores.

They also love wool. In fact, 7 years ago they placed wool at the heart of their fabric development. They are all about doing clever things with wool and when they reached out to us to work on a product for cold water surfers, we couldn’t wait to get involved. 

Finisterre wanted to turn a functional surf product into a thing of beauty. The idea of creating a wax comb really resonated with us both. We designed it to fit perfectly in the hand with a minimal-clogging tooth design and solid angled edge for wax removal. Simple yet significant.

The Wax Comb is made using Herdwick wool and features a 100% wool string lanyard by Twool.


Currently out of stock at Finisterre.

Solidwool + Finisterre Wax Comb (3).jpg