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Solidwool Photo Calendar


6mm Solidwool sheet. 14 x 19cm calendars saw cut to size.

Edges linished and polished. 

Jig drilling of holes for clipboard hardware.

Logos laser etched.

Solidwool + Artifact Uprising

Based in Denver, Colorado, Artifact Uprising is a company inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. Driven by the belief that everyone has a story to tell.

Artifact Uprising was set up by Jenna Walker, her husband Matty and his sister Katie in 2012. Working for 8 years as professional photographers, they realised that our documented lives were sitting on our phones and cameras with no true place to live on.

They set about finding a way of moving these moments into the real world. Moving stories off your devices and into your life. 

The Solidwool Calendar comes with 12 of your photos and can be updated on a rolling basis. No need to wait until January. Once the year is up, you can order 12 new prints for the year ahead.


Order yours at

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As artists, to know what we create is important. To know why we create, so much more.
— Jenna Walker | Founder of Artifact Uprising