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Text on Old Town Mill here.

We’re told in its hey day the building stored 6 million tonnes.

Bring wool manufacturing back to the centre of buckfastleigh

end of 2017

There's a magic to be found in old, disused industrial buildings.

This one stands in the centre of Buckfastleigh. It was built for the woollen trade and when the spinning company closed down, the wool and yarn stored here was removed. For the past 3 years it's stood empty.

All things crossed, this area might become our new space come spring. We like to think it's when the workshop will become a factory

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The planet only has finite resources. But the great thing about wool is that it's sustainable. For as long as we farm sheep, there will be a yearly fleece. And with the coarse wool we are using, there is more available than is currently being used. Even better.

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