Solidwool | Hembury Chair Seconds

RRP £395.00


From time to time we get together the chairs left on the shelves and sell them at special prices to help make space in the workshop. We don't want them sitting here gathering dust when you could be sitting on them instead.

Any chairs ordered will be shipped January 2019.

All chairs shown with scorched Ash legs. You can have scorched or a natural ash finish.

We will contact you to check which you would prefer once the order has been placed. All seconds are sold as seen with faults noted. 

NOTE: Shipping costs (£10 per chair) are included in the price.

Solidwool Hembury Chair - Orange

£368.50 / 10% off

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Made with Scotch Blackface. An orange chair that is brighter than our production Orange. A one-off.

Add your name to the seconds mailing list. You'll only be contacted when we have a sale:


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